Want to link to something at Amazon? Don't want to go hunting for the URL? Just take the name of what you want to link to, change the spaces to hyphens and add ""

Authors, bands, books, coffeemakers, whatever... is a convenient way to link to your favorite content at It allows you to create intuitive, functional, and humane URLs on the fly, without interrupting the flow of your writing to stop and find the "correct" URL.'s intelligent technology always sends your users to a sensible location. And does painless affiliate links too. You're welcome.

Examples works best with popular authors and artists. Suppose you want to link to The Beatles' "official" page at Finding the correct URL for the page is a hassle. When you do find it, you'll see that it looks like this:

Instead, you can simply use this URL: knows where the "official" Beatles page is, and will automatically redirect users to it.

The same thing works with popular authors. Compare the "official" Neil Gaiman link on

To this:

If doesn't have a term in its database, it automatically redirects users to the Amazon search page for that search term. Try links like this:

Constructing URLs

The rules for constructing URLs are simple. Simply take the name of the artist, author, book or other item you want to link to, change spaces to hyphens, and append "" to it. Our intelligent redirection technology is very forgiving. Underscores are automatically converted to hyphens, and non-alphanumeric characters are stripped out.

So these URLs are both equivalent and functional:

Affiliate Codes also works with referrer codes. Put your referrer code at the end of the URL and 90 percent of the time when that link is clicked on we'll pass your affiliate code along to Amazon. The other 10 percent of the time we'll substitute our code to help cover the costs of providing this service. If you don't include a referrer code, we'll use our affiliate code 100 percent of the time.

For example, if your affiliate code is affiliate123, then you add the referrer code like this:

Mobile Devices

If a user clicks on an URL while using most mobile devices, they will automatically be taken to the mobile version of

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